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Is it time to rewrite the Traditional English High Street?

It will come as no surprise to anyone that our high streets are dying. They have been on a steady decline for years, however the recent pandemic has added fuel to the fire. With consumers opting to do all their shopping online and with an average of 48 businesses closing each day, everyone thought that Stockton-on-Tees council made a huge error when buying up the huge shopping centre lining their town centre…

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From Snail Farming to ‘Property Guardians’: Rates Mitigation Gone Wrong

Recently, we have seen a rise of business owners losing out in court due to signing up to Rates Mitigation schemes where they are not properly protected.

Over the years, a wide range of schemes have popped up, offering landlords different techniques to mitigate their Business Rates.

In this blog, our specialist team highlights what schemes to be wary of when considering reducing or mitigating your rates.

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Changes to Business Rates Appeals: A Helping Hand or a Hinderance?

Commercial landlords have been crying out for changes to the archaic Business Rates system that UK businesses are currently burdened with. The government has answered these calls, but are the proposed changes offering a solution or further encumbrance? Many business owners have been struggling under the current Business Rates system for many years, which has

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UK Debt Crisis: £2.5bn owed in Business Rates

It was revealed recently that over £1bn in Business Rates debts has accumulated over the past year. If you add this to the existing debt, local councils are now owed 2.49 billion in Business Rates. The question we need to ask is why has this level of debt developed?

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Business Rates Mitigation: A Cautionary Tale

In this blog our specialist Rates Mitigation team would like to highlight a recent occurrence that we think vacant property owners across the nation, particularly those wanting to reduce or mitigate their Business Rates, should hear about.  The UK Supreme Court has just ruled on a landmark case involving two property developers, regarding unpaid Business

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Empty High Streets – What Can Be Done About It?

It only takes a stroll down one of Britain’s many small town high streets to notice that commercial properties are emptying at an alarming rate. It is believed that in 2021 as many as 17,532 closed permanently with only 21 opening their doors for the first time.  Away from the world of retail, even offices

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Tenants Vacating? How to Be Better Prepared

Tenants Vacating? How to Be Better Prepared No landlord – residential or otherwise – enjoys being faced with a vacant property; but for those in commercial property, there’s an extra pain point to consider. As we’ve discussed before on our blog, empty rates are a common blight for commercial landlords, who are essentially forced to

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