Success Stories
Check Case Appeal
In July 2020, our client was sent a back dated bill (effective 1st April 2017) for payment of Business Rates totalling £58,030 for a piece of land they owned that was not previously assessed for rates. The land was initially assessed with a Rateable Value of £30,000.
On 5th December 2020 they instructed FCS to deal with the appeal and on 5th February 2021, we agreed a reduction in the assessment with the valuation officer to an updated Rateable Value of £7,100.
The client was then able to claim 100% Small Business Rate Relief and the debt was cleared meaning they owed nothing.
Total Saving: £58,030
Check Case Appeal
We recently submitted a Check Case Appeal on behalf of Pyroguard, the leading provider of fire safety glass systems in the UK.
The original Rateable Value of their property was £72,000 when the case was submitted in late November 2020.
When the case concluded 12 days later, the new Rateable Value was £65,500. Thanks to us, the savings for the rating list period will total £16,500 – a dispiriting amount to be overpaying, to say the least!
Total Saving: £16,500
Empty Rates Mitigation
A London landlord had an empty office block in the city centre and was paying the Local Authority a staggering £274,000 a year in Empty Rates.
Eventually, the landlord sought out FCS and joined our scheme. We managed to save him 70% of his Empty Rates liabilities, which equates to a saving of £192,158.40 !
Total Saving: £192, 158.40
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