Save On Property Rates

So how do we do it?

At FCS, we have worked with Business Rates experts and come up with the most innovative Empty Rates saving program which is completely secure, transparent and above all 100% risk-free. 
Our scheme uses all the legal steps which are available to Landlords to help them save up to 100% of their empty rates. We simply know what they are, we manage the process from start to finish and we do it well. That’s why we are confident enough to promise 100% total satisfaction or your money back.

If your retail space, industrial or office premises, warehouse or storage facility is currently vacant, FCS will ensure you save up to 100% of your Empty Rates and you don’t need to do anything as we do everything for you from start to finish. 

Our transparent charging structure

Our success is due to our honesty and transparent way of working and our pricing structure is 100% straightforward and simple.

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How FCS can work for you

FCS will put your property on to our Unique Rates Saving Program which will mean you will stop receiving rates bills instantly and save up to 100% on your Empty Rates liability.

Any commercial property, any size, anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales is eligible to join our Unique Empty Rates Saving program.

Call us on t: 0161 883 1675 to find out how your Empty Rates liability can be reduced immediately without you doing anything or upload your Rates Bill here.

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Call us today on t: 0161 883 1675 and we will add your property to our program immediately and you will stop receiving rates bills right away.