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We help landlords, management agents and commercial property owners to save money on their Business Rates and save up to 100% on their Empty Rates for any property, any size.

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Working with FCS to avoid business rates and save up to 100% on your Empty Rates Liabilities couldn’t be simpler.

Depending on your property type, size and location we will confirm the saving we can guarantee.

Fill in a simple form to add your property to the FCS Guaranteed Empty Rates Saving Scheme.

You will stop receiving Empty Rates bills from that very day for as long as your property is vacant.

Are you looking to save 100% like Paul?

Paul Barker, Barker Estates

“I was paying £5500 in Empty Rates on my vacant industrial unit in Sheffield. As soon as i signed up with FCS i stopped receiving bills and they brought my liability down to zero. Well worth the call!”

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You will know exactly what you will pay and how much you will save when you sign up.

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