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Saving Up to 100% on Your Empty Rates Bill with FCS – How Does It Work?

With the British high street in decline and business rates pricing small retailers out of their rented commercial property, landlords are finding themselves in a sticky situation – one from which there seems to be no easy escape.

If you’re a landlord who has felt the repercussions of Britain’s current retail environment, with commercial tenants moving out – leaving you with a vacant property and mounting empty rates bills – it can be an understandably anxious time.

There is, of course, help available for those in the early days of having an empty commercial property, but the administrative hoops placed between them and empty rates relief are many and often. And once three months is up, empty rates bills go back to the full amount – so for those who have missed the cut-off date, it’s not good news.

What, then, can be done?

You’re Not Alone

Britain finds itself at a crossroads, with the run-up to Brexit looming large and technology changing the face of retail. For commercial property landlords caught in the middle of the chaos, it pays to remember that you’re not alone; not only are other commercial landlords in the same position, but FCS are on hand to support you as you search for new tenants.

As the only 100% guaranteed empty rates relief scheme in the UK, FCS’ service has achieved miraculous results, relieving many, many of our clients of the pressure placed on them by empty rates.

Of course, before people sign up and start saving, they tend to ask the same question: “How do I get started?” We’ve got the answer below – three easy steps that get them on the path to making sizeable savings and reducing stress in the process.

  1. Assess Your Property

The first stage involves us assessing your individual case – after all, every instance is different, and we pride ourselves on ensuring your property is on the best possible scheme so that you save as much as possible during the vacancy. We will investigate how much of a saving we can guarantee, depending on the type of property you own, its size, and the location. The saving we promise is 100% guaranteed and will instantly give you peace of mind as we manage the process for you from start to finish so that you can get on with your life.

  1. Fill in a Single Form

Unlike the forms on offer for commercial landlord’s brave enough to attempt to apply for empty rates relief, you only have one form to fill in to join the FCS Guaranteed Empty Rates Saving Scheme – and it’s pleasantly straightforward to complete. Naturally, if you do find yourself having trouble with it, our team are always happy to help and offer any support you may need.

  1. Day One

That’s it! From day one, you will save up to 100% of your Empty Rates (the amount dictated by our initial assessment), and you’ll stop receiving empty rates bills immediately, for as long as your property is vacant. That means you will have the opportunity to find a new tenant, unhampered by demands for money and exorbitant outgoings whilst you are doing so.

It’s a simple process – and yet remarkably effective – with clients praising the ease with which they’ve saved large amounts of money – a burden they were happy to be rid of.

If you’re interested in FCS’ Empty Rates Saving Scheme – the only 100% guaranteed scheme in the UK – then feel free to get in touch with our helpful team, who will be more than happy to discuss your needs, and get you moving towards a life free of Empty Rates liabilities.


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