Looking to save up to 100% of
your Empty Rates liabilities?

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Save up to 100% of what you are currently paying.

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A clear pricing structure with no hidden costs or extras.

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No paperwork, no admin, no headache dealing with your local authority.

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Separate instalments to protect your cashflow and spread costs.

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No win no fee, money back guarantee.

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FCS – the easiest, quickest way
to save up to 100% of your empty rates liabilites

We help landlords, managing agents and commercial property owners save up to 100% on their Empty Rates for their vacant commercial properties.

FCS will take on your property immediately, you will stop receiving rates bills right away. Sound crazy?

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Any property, any size, anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales.
100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee.

The Uk's most secure, 100% Risk-Free Empty Rates Saving Program

Whether you own a retail premises , an industrial unit, a warehouse or premium office space, FCS will take your property on and you will save up to 100% of your Empty Rates liability for the duration your property is vacant.

So why pay unnecessary business rates on your vacant property when you could be putting that money to better use?

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