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Landlords: The many hurdles of vacant commercial properties

With many businesses, including high street chain The Works, bracing themselves for a cost-of-living Christmas in the UK, you’ll have noticed the worsening epidemic playing out on Britain’s high streets. Well-known and well-loved brands – once thought untouchable, even in the age of internet shopping – are increasingly finding themselves closing down stores, laying off employees and succumbing to shifting consumer habits.

Is it time to rewrite the Traditional English High Street?

It will come as no surprise to anyone that our high streets are dying. They have been on a steady decline for years, however the recent pandemic has added fuel to the fire. With consumers opting to do all their shopping online and with an average of 48 businesses closing each day, everyone thought that Stockton-on-Tees council made a huge error when buying up the huge shopping centre lining their town centre…

From Snail Farming to ‘Property Guardians’: Rates Mitigation Gone Wrong

Recently, we have seen a rise of business owners losing out in court due to signing up to Rates Mitigation schemes where they are not properly protected.

Over the years, a wide range of schemes have popped up, offering landlords different techniques to mitigate their Business Rates.

In this blog, our specialist team highlights what schemes to be wary of when considering reducing or mitigating your rates.

Empty Business Rates: What Are They, and How Can You Save Money on Them?

Not being able to lease a commercial property is, unfortunately, a reality for landlords. In our current economic climate – and with Brexit looming large – it’s not always possible to find long-term occupants. As expected, when a commercial property is occupied, the tenant is obligated to pay business rates. But, did you know that …

Empty Business Rates: What Are They, and How Can You Save Money on Them? Read More »

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