Pop Up Shops Have Helped Fill Vacant Properties – But There’s Still a Better Solution

Over the last few years, the pop up shop economy has become a staple of the high street; it’s no longer unusual to see small galleries, craft stores and even clearance sales setting up in vacant commercial properties, all in an attempt to keep them in use between long-term lets.

The result is a symbiotic relationship of sorts. Naturally, a commercial property’s landlord doesn’t want to miss out on income during vacant periods, and small-time artists, designers and brands in general are on the lookout for space to express themselves and sell their wares. On paper, it’s a great idea, right? Not entirely.

Although the pop up culture is usually a pleasant one full of intriguing new products and experimental art, it’s not necessarily the most productive or effective way to keep a vacant commercial property in use. And it is, of course, important to keep it in use as landlords who have come face to face with empty property rates will testify.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of admin, stress and overall hassle that must go into finding individuals and brands who want to make use of a property for a pop up store or gallery. Once the search is complete, the lease must be managed and the property needs to be left in a state which makes it easy to find new long-term tenants once again. Not to mention the fact that, despite some income coming in, it’s rarely enough to justify delaying a new long-term let.

A much simpler solution, however, is something that our team have been cultivating for years now. FCS works with commercial property owners to ensure that the bothersome empty rates keeping them awake at night are no longer their problem. Not only is this method much more straightforward than pop up leases – the admin is cut out and we only need the complete address to take care of the property – but it also means there’s a sense of flexibility when it comes to securing a new tenant.

The result: a huge weight lifted from their shoulders. From day one of vacancy to the day the commercial property is let, the owner has nothing to worry about – no empty rates, no complicated admin, no search for a viable pop up; it’s all taken care of.

Yes, that does mean one less pop up shop gracing our high streets and beyond. But don’t worry if you’re a fan as there are plenty more out there to enjoy – without holding your own commercial property back in the process.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because there’s a much simpler solution out there for you and your commercial property. To find out more, feel free to explore our website, or alternatively get in touch directly – we’re happy to help.

 Image: Mike Petrucci via Stocksnap.io

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